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11.1.2016 | Autor: PR | sekce: tiskové zprávy
Once  Final Stair enter the stage the audience cannot  escape the enchantment filling the venue. With self-sacrificing, emotional and energetic shows the band reaches out to every single listener.

The live shows are unparalleled and incomparable to any recordings. The  massive  energy  and  pure  passion on stage  is something to be rarely seen anywhere else. Final Stair fill any venue with an ineffable and sensational  feeling, carrying  the listeners away to places never before seen.

Regardless  of where the  band performs, no matter what kind of venue, Final Stair blow their listeners away and invite them to their one of a kind musical wonder world.

Driven by unmatched free-flowing creativity, the twins embrace musical diversity and run wild in their ideas, reaching new  sonic  spheres  and  creating  their very own mystic world of sounds and fiction.

Final Stair invite the listeners  into  the marvelous and unique world they invented and allow them to ride their musical wave with unimaginable intensity.

After  all, Final Stair represent a unique phenomenon and a manifestation of the lost art of pure and honest music currently  missing in popular music. Final Stair reinvent what straight rock music  stands  for  and  redefine  the  genre  with a touch of vintage and a lot of never before heard sounds.

Final Stair released their brand new single  “Over The Top” this year and have been on tour this summer presenting their debut album “Sleeping Pilot” in China, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Just recently the band officially announced the next tour covering Eastern Europe with 12 shows in 5 countries including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and  Slovakia. The  tour is scheduled for April next year. More shows are currently being booked and will be announced shortly.

Final Stair are the winners of the Emergenza Festival in Germany.  Apart  from  performing  in countless venues  they have rocked the stages at highly popular festivals such as Taubertal Festival, Dithmarscher Rockfestival, Plattenfest and many more.

During their recent  China Tour in May this year Final Stair rounded off the headlining tour with an impressive show at the legendary MAO Livehouse in the center of Shanghai.

The next China Tour has  already been confirmed and details will be announced soon.  The  next  tour will be extended to further countries in Asia, so stay tuned for updates.

FINAL STAIR East Central Europe Tour 2016:

09.04.16 Hamburg (D) @ Pooca Bar, Support: tba
10.04.16 Erfurt (D) @ Predigerkeller, Support: I come from the Sun
11.04.16 Hannover (D) @ Linden, Support: tba
12.04.16 Dresden (D) @ Kathy´s Garage, Support: I come from the Sun + Isolate + Bros'n'Beasts
13.04.16 Zittau (D) @ tba
14.04.16 Pilsen (CZ) @ Andel, Support: Bros´n´Beasts
15.04.16 Tabor (CZ) @ Orion, Support: Bros´n´Beasts
16.04.16 Budapest (HUN) @ Kék Yuk, Support: Talán Attila + The Trousers + Parkbench Drive
17.04.16 Wien (AT) @ B72, Support: Parkbench Drive + Rocquette
18.04.16 Bratislava (SK) @ Randal, Support: Lavalier + Fried Ace + Aces
19.04.16 Brno (CZ) @ Melodka, Support: Lavalier + Fried Ace + Reservoar Dogz
20.04.16 Hradec Kralove (CZ) @ AC Klub, Support: Bros´n´Beasts
21.04.16 Prag (CZ) @ Rock Café, Support: Bros´n´Beasts
22.04.16 Leipzig (D) @ Halle 5, Support: I come from the Sun + Bros´n´Beasts
23.04.16 Berlin (D) @ Frannz Club, Support: I come from the Sun + Bros´n´Beasts
29.09.16 Sopron (HUN) @ Pub Fiction, Support: Igor'Z
01.10.16 Szeged (HUN) @ Live Music Club, Support: Dunagree + The Trousers

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