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27.6.2014 In this month's installment I'd like to talk about using stop box guitar pedals with keyboard sounds. I, myself, use all virtual now, so all my pedals will be software, but you will see they work in a very similar way as the real thing.
28.5.2014 This month I would like to talk about different sonic possibilities for Keyboards in a Rock Band. There are so many options these days for sounds, it's really important to choose one that serves the piece of music.
28.4.2014 Finding a great keyboard part for a powerful guitar riff can be a tricky business. This month I'll investigate a few ways to accompany a rocking guitar part. We will be analyzing three classic tunes, "Feels Like the First Time" by Foreigner, "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin,...
26.3.2014 This month I want to talk about making your keyboard have the same impact as a distorted guitar playing power chords. In a rock band, I think it's very common for the keyboardists role to be a little overly polite.
2.3.2014 This month's article is a continuation of last month's where I gave a chart of different chords and corresponding minor pentatonic scales to be used for soloing. Please refer to the last article for an in-depth explanation of the techniques.
30.1.2014 This month, I would like to speak about a system of playing overlapping pentatonic scales that will make you sound like you are playing very advanced harmonic lines with only a few pentatonic scales.
19.12.2013 In the past few articles about rock keyboard playing, we have focused mostly on organ and synth players. This month I want to speak about the piano and it's role in rock music. We'll focus on three pianist that really defined the sound of modern piano based rock bands; Billy Joel, Elton John, and Chuck Leavell.
27.11.2013 This month, I would like to continue with my first article on important Rock keyboardists. Our focus will be entirely on the Hammond Organ and it's use in Rock music in this installment.
28.10.2013 This month, I would like to talk about a few pioneers in the use of analog synths. We'll also be examining two great early synths, The Minimoog and the Arp 2600. Analog synths are different from modern synths which use algorithms or samples to make their sounds.
26.9.2013 Čtenáři, možná vás zaskočí, že na českých stránkách nacházíte anglický text. Není to chyba. V současné době pro časopis Muzikus píše newyorkský klávesista a pianista Brian Charette.

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