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promuzik "Way Back Home" the best Shaun's EDM song


"Way Back Home" the best Shaun's EDM song
"Way Back Home" the best Shaun's EDM song


Thoughts on Shaun (숀) dominating the music charts with "Way Back Home"?
Shaun is a member of a rock indie group, The Koxx (칵스), that was debuted on December 31, 2008 from Happy Robot Records. He released his first EP, Take, as a solo artist on June 27, 2018 with a title track, "생각나" featuring Ovan (오반) and Sumin, however, another song from the album is getting recognition instead of the title track and eventually hitting the top of the major music charts.

Any songs from the album is nowhere in any of the 6 major music charts for the first 6 days until "Way Back Home", one of the tracks from the album, appeared on Bugs chart on July 3rd with a peak position of #74. The song is now crawling to the top on other music charts since: hitting #2 on Bugs on July 9th, hitting top 10 in Genie on July 11th.

On July 14th, the song achieved the top 10 position on Melon after climbing for 10 days, and hitting #1 in Genie. As of now, it has a peak of #3 on Melon.

As expected, Naver news about Shaun hitting #1 on Genie received negative receptions and from commenters. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Honestly, the song is decent good but not a song that can outchart others, especially from an unknown artist, but hitting #1 on a major music chart is such a head-scratcher with these GG releases dominating it.

What do you guys think? Is this another sajaegi incident? Similar to Nilo's?

Little known fact: As I looked through his credits, I saw that he contributed some of SM artists like EXO (The War, Concert Album), SHINee (Concert Album) and Taemin (Press It), and on one song with Epik High from their recent album, "We've Done Something Wonderful"
watch this song at:

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