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rock / elektronika / drum'n'bass / experimental
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The Band
The basic idea of 3logit (Trilogit) was no less than to bring a new perspective to the modern music by adding more automation and digitalization to the today´s most up-to-date dance genres. The final aim was to set up a lively performance of music which, up to the present days, is executed only by DJ´s. Thus a kind of cyborg music started – a digital/analog/human interface was born. The band works on principles of musical LAN (local access network) in a star topology consisting of 5 elements:
– 4 musical terminals operated by living musicians and
– a server.

The Musicians
The „organic“ part of the band has following personal configuration:
- Microphones – Vladimír Krátký
- Electric guitars – Jan Hanák
- Electric bass guitar – Petra Franková
- Drums – Samuel Hanák
All the musicians have experiences rock and metal performances and they still keep in touch with the hard´n´heavy musical feeling. Nevertheless, they are also deeply keen on today´s state-of-the-art dance genres. Therefore all the programming and sound design & engineering is effected by the band members themselves as well.

The Server
The server, often called „the fifth member of the band“, basically acts as the band´s brain and a conductor at the same time. It was built from selected pieces of dedicated heavy-duty audio computer hardware. Its modules operate several professional sound-processing software applications simultaneously providing all the band members with the specific sounds of their instruments in real time. Building the server was one of the most time-consuming activities that preceded the birth of 3logit band, requiring lots of studies and testing. Therefore it creates the most important part of the band´s know-how.

The Music
Jan, the guitarist, being the experienced rock hit composer, plays the main role in the overal band´s instrumental compositions and arrangements. He implements the rock guitar sound into the patterns of modern electronic dance music. Mixed together these istyles create a unique, uparalelled sound of the band. The digitalized guitar warmness enriches the cool synthetic sound creations within the pulsating inventive beats.
Vladimír, the singer, complements the songs with the vocal line. All the electronic sounds and effects are carefully produced and engineered by the band members. Though 3logit´s new musical stream is too fresh to have any official name yet, it can mainly be described as a mixture of rock, drum´n´bass and dubstep.

The Lyrics
The 3logit band employed the lyrics from an American lyrics-writer Matt Sorbo for their very first song (Diamond Eyes). Nowadays, the band mostly collaborates with a Czech authoress Martina Hošková. All the lyrics, as well as the musical compositions, are subject to the authors´ copyright.

The Sound
All the instruments including part of the drumset and the singer´s microphone, similarly to the computer network, are electronically connected to the server which accepts their signalling and transforms it digitally to variations of specific, pre-programmed sounds and sound effects. After the processing the final sound (mixed and post-produced in real time) is transmitted to the local sound engineer´s control panel, which basically only amplifies it and distributes it to the stage loud-speakers. This ensures the compact, crystal-clear sound in CD-standard quality wherever it is performed.

The Synchronization
Similarly to any other computer system, synchronization creates the main point also in 3logit. Not only must all the players perfectly synchronize with each other by means of central metronome signal coming from the server to their wireless ear-phones. While playing they also have to match the requirements of constantly changing sounds and effects of their own terminals (instruments). For instance, the full and rich metal guitar sound often alternates with a synthesizer-like tones provided by the same instrument. This requires a lot of demanding concentration of the musicians during their live performance. In the near future the synchronization will proceed even further. The stage lighting will be synced with the song beats as soon as the new MIDI controller, which is currently under development, is implemented.

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